Be yourself…Everyone else is already Taken!

2,000 hours in a salon chair, over 10k in hair maintenance, hair extensions, bangs, bad haircuts and bleach, all to finally (16 years later) be happy with my natural hair. This was my first true lesson( and most expensive) in self love.

I grew up in a neighborhood where the majority of girls had pin straight highlighted hair ( thanks Brittany spears) , and poor me*eye roll* was stuck with a huge pile of curly hair that was getting to wild to maintain in a braid any longer. So i took an iron to my hair ( yes an actual iron) and saved all my birthday money to get my first relaxer. And that was only the beginning.  If i wanted to go out, you would have to tell me 2 hours in advance because thats how long it took me to “maintain the mane.” No one even knew i had curly hair unless you were a close friend of mine or family.

It wasn’t until i was 24 and had no time between working full time and school to be worrying about what other people thought about my hair. I started letting it dry naturally.  Omg its this easy to do my hair?!  I felt like a prisoner who was finally set free! The positive feedback i got was immense. People left and right were complementing my hair. No one ever really noticed when i spent 18hours in a chair to have blonde highlights, but they noticed my 10 minute wash and go? I was on to something.   I say all of this to say, DO YOU!!!! The rest of the world will adjust.

4 thoughts on “Be yourself…Everyone else is already Taken!

  1. The Moore The Merrier says:

    I’m truly loving your blog! You are off to an amazing start, just keep up the great work! Thank you for stopping by my blog as well, it is greatly appreciated! Look forward to seeing more from you!

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