Tis’ the season to be jolly!…seriously..stop worrying!

Okay people we are fully submerged into December and all of its busy antics!!! One second I’m unbuttoning my top button on my jeans from thanksgiving dinner  and the next I’m receiving holiday party invites and making plans with the family for who’s house Christmas eve is and who gets Christmas day. But don’t get overwhelmed! The holidays are meant to be fun and spent with the ones you love, not busy wondering if you have time to make your famous holiday cookies or what to wear to all of these holiday parties. While I’m definitely no help in the baking department, i can most certainly help with the what to wear part!!!

Although all holiday parties seem to be repetitive, it docent mean you have to dress the part. I have different looks for when i see family, or going to a holiday dinner with friends. Or maybe your going to a work holiday party? Theres different looks for all the above! Didn’t know? Well i got you!


This is the perfect look for an office holiday party. You always want to keep a level of professionalism when out on company time. Although it may be a looser environment than the office, essentially these are people you have to see everyday for your lively hood, so lets keep the daring outfits for nights out with friends. Still trend forward with the jewel tone colors and the metallic jacket for an extra pop of color. The high neck line with the thin neck scarf give a sophisticated touch to complete the look! Remember try to keep the drinks to a minimum… you don’t want to be topic of conversation in the break room do you?


Perfect casual look for your aunts gift exchange she does every year! Simple outfit for a fashionista, but a chic and put together look, that the family would definitely approve of. And who knows… maybe you and your favorite cousin get a chance to slip out and and go have drinks to catch up on all the family gossip!



All your friends are in town to visit with their families, so its the perfect time to all  get together and make plans to get dinner or go out for drinks. This is one of my favorite looks. I personally love the thigh high boots, but if you opt for a shorter boot add a pair of stockings to complete the look.


Regardless of where you go this holiday season, have fun and leave your worries at the door! Tis’ the Season!!!! xoxo

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