Birthday Queens

Growing up, people would always ask me if it was hard having a birthday around the holidays…and luckily for me,that couldn’t have been more further than the truth! My friends and family have always gone above and beyond in making sure that i feel like the birthday queen that i am! Your birthday should be the biggest celebration of the year, because if it didn’t exist neither would you! Dress how you want, eat what you want and do whatever you heart desires because its your time to shine! I for one like to get dressed up!



I spent my birthday in Miami Florida, so the climate isn’t typical of the rest of the country during this time of year, but i opted for this rose quartz mesh dress, faux fur vest from Zara, and black mesh Steve Madden booties.

Your birthday is the day for you to shine at your most brightest so make sure whatever you wear embodies your personality, and makes you feel like the queen that you are! kylie-bday


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