At the drop of a hat!

I have always had a love hate relationship with hats. Its probably due to the mountain of curls on my head that make it almost impossible to wear one, but a cute hat can change the vibe of an entire outfit. A  hat can make a more dressy outfit appear more casual or a more casual outfit look more dressy, versatility is the hats game.




Take Kendall in this “dad hat”, or formally known as the baseball cap. Remove the hat and the outfit may have appeared to be a bit more dressy. Give it a diva look by adding a big pair of shades and of course only the best, New York Yankees hat!


Then of course if you live in a colder climate the need for this next hat is absolutely mandatory! I like to call it the Russian fur hat aka Trapper hat. Not only is this full functioning for colder weather, but extremely chic when worn with an oversized coat and boots! Wear a pair of gloves with fur trim to tie in the hat to the outfit, making for a very glamorous look.


One of my personal favorites, inspired by Ammie Song, is the fedora hat. This is a hat that can be worn multiple ways, casually or dressy , showcasing a hats versatility at its finest. Find the hat above at


The Pom hat is another one of those versatile tricks. Feeling casual? Add a pom hat. Feeling dressy? Add a pom hat. ( and for all my fellow curly hair choices, these hats can actually fit our hair….i mean all of it!)


Three words. Wide. Brim. Hat. Do yourself a favor and get one.

Well ladies, i think its safe to say we should all at least have one go to hat; endless possibilities and can switch up a look at the “drop of a hat”.  xoxo

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