Spring/Summer 17′ personality test

Are you a 60’s jet setter? A varsity letter winner? A barefoot lover? Its just one of those fashion seasons that functions as a personality test! Good for those who know themselves and their sense of style, and even more exciting for the people who don’t know! The clothes for this Spring/ Summer 2017 are on one hand upbeat, street style oriented, and energetic, and on the other hand are a mix of basics and reconstructed fashion served with a side of complexity. Ladies don’t get overwhelmed by all the options, this is the perfect season to take a lot of your own style and add trendy pieces into your wardrobe!  This is the season of boldly declared women empowerment!!!Here are some of my favorite looks for the upcoming season!


This is one of my favorite trends of not only the season, but EVER!!!! I love the exaggerated sleeve on the mens shirting. Bra tops paired under an oversized mens shirt is my favorite way to wear this trend.


Another one of my favorite looks, is the street sporty look. ( I’m noticing a trend in my favorite looks seems to be a comfort thing) I like to think of this as one of the most versatile trends. Before a girl couldn’t be caught dead in a dress with sneakers, and now its almost mandatory. If you want to dress up a more sporty look, tie it in with a metallic belt and some metallic shoes. This will dress the entire look up instantly!


So we haven’t steered to far from the pajama trend, but loose fitting and lightweight materials are a must for spring/ summer. For a more unconventional look, match a pajama top with your favorite rock band t-shirt.


Sleeves are always evolving and changing every season, and this season is no exception! Peaked, padded, and oversized! A slim narrow pant always works best when doing an exaggerated sleeve.


2 thoughts on “Spring/Summer 17′ personality test

  1. Tony says:

    Fashion is changing all the time I just can’t keep up but I’m happy to see the new styles and applaud you all for being yourselves. Dress don’t guess is a blessing to me because I get to see what is hip.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. fashionablefitgirl says:

    Loved the article !! Very well written and couldn’t agree with you more! In love with 2017 trends! Already have my eyes on the oversized wardrobe and the funky look

    Liked by 1 person

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