The Clothing Message

The art of getting dressed is not something i take lightly!! No matter how big or small the task, I’m always dressed for the occasion. Run errands and lunch with the girls? got an outfit for that. Going to class? got an outfit! Going on a hot date with that new guy you met? I most definitely have an outfit for that! Point is, i always have an appropriately styled outfit because I’m conveying my message through my attire. Some of us have a stronger voice than others, which is why I’m here to help!

People make their mind up about you within the first 30 seconds of meeting you! Fair or not, its cold hard facts! So as a young working professional having my own fashion identity is crucial.

There are goals we all should strive to achieve when we wear our clothes. Your goal is to have the receiver (the person receiving your clothing message) know what it is that you, the sender of the clothing message, are trying to say.

Clothing assumptions:

Turtleneck sweater: shy, demure, conservative

Miniskirt: youthful, showy, daring

Low cut blouse: sexy, open, risqué

Tight Fitting dress: body- revealing, conspicuous,

Baggy Sweats: comfort, uncaring, indifferent

Jacket: power, authority, confident

Graphic T-shirt: casual, fun, active

This are just a few of the many assumptions or opinions we naturally make when looking at people and what they are wearing. Ask yourself when getting dressed, is this the message I’m trying to portray? Clothing is your art form so use it wisely! Below is some of the many different fashion personalities!


  • Comfortable denim
  • White, traditional button down shirts
  • T-shirts, long and short
  • Khaki pants
  • polo dress
  • V-neck or zip hoodie
  • cable knit cardigan
  • Casual Trench

***Notorious sporty dresser Serena Williams


Romantic :

  • Ruffled blouses
  • Lace and silk chiffon blouses
  • Bow cardigans
  • Silk dresses
  • Denim jeans with lace embroidery
  • Corset dresses
  • Bell sleeves on shirts or jackets ( big trend alert)

***Notorious romantic style Marilyn Monroe



  • Black turtleneck
  • Black pencil skirt
  • Classic neutral trench coat
  • Cashmere Cardigan
  • Little black dress ( every girl must have one, refer to last blog post)
  • Shirt dress
  • Black pinstripe jacket and pants

*** Notorious romantic dresser Gwyneth Paltrow


Dramatic :

  • Bright colored patterned tops
  • Slim fit denim jeans
  • Bold print jackets
  • Animal Print
  • Mini skirts
  • Giant rings and jewelry
  • Belted Trench coat
  • Cropped jacket

***Lady Gaga is definitely notorious for the drama


Natural :

  • Stretch flare legs pants
  • Khaki pants
  • Basic cotton denim jacket
  • organic cotton tees
  • Relaxed fit denim
  • Notch collar neutral color jacket

*** Notorious for her relaxed fashion is Kate Hudson


Now after reading, if you feel like you may have fallen into a little bit of each category, DONT PANIC!!!! I too, have a bit of an eclectic fashion personality. Some days i want to be natural and one with the universe, and the next i think I’m Madonna. I give myself a theme of the day and roll with it! The goal is to be unique in whatever style you may have, as long as you put your own zest to it.






4 thoughts on “The Clothing Message

  1. Tony says:

    You hit it on the head what you wear paints a picture. You can be a painting that says look at me or you can be someone who fades into the background! Thanks for your fashion advice I will definatly look at myself a little differently.
    Dress don’t quess is the bomb!

    Liked by 2 people

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