The Food and Fashion Tango

Have you ever walked into a place for the first time, and thought to yourself…shit i definitely should have worn my second option. Thats what happened when i walked in to Victor Tangos in Dallas TX. I have to admit I’m used to being on the more dressier side of the spectrum, but what made me so upset was the fact  that i had the PERFECT sneaker ensemble for this late night kitchen dungeon.

Before going into Victor Tangos, i was extremely intrigued. A brick wall with just a small lit sign that says ” Kitchen open late”, and a line of cars in valet, i jumped on the website to see what this place was all about. The website was a bit deceiving and appeared to make the restaurant a bit more romantic and a little less casual. WRONG!!!! Casual spot, with tapas style food and craft cocktails! While the establishment itself wasn’t exactly fine dinning the food could have had me fooled. INCREDIBLE!!!  Small plates with an eclectic style, ranging from seafood to flatbreads. And the service….IMPECCABLE!!! My constant habit of getting white dirty as quickly as possible was no exception at Victor Tangos. Instantly our server came out with club soda, a red wine stain remover, and two different cloths to attack this stain head on! SAVED THE EVENING!!! To top off the night the manager and our server came to the table with a round of shots for my best friends birthday! Talk about the icing on the cake! Victor Tangos is highly recommended if you are in the Dallas Tx area, or visiting!


So this is what i opted for….Not to dressy but definitely the most dressy i would consider wearing there. Knowing what i know now about Victor Tangos, i would wear cute sneakers and an extended jacket, or maybe leggings with a longer shirt and booties. Although i wish i saved this outfit for another venue ( don’t you hate when you waste outfits?) i still owned it and proceeded to conquer the night!


Duck, Goat Cheese, Fig, arugula with a balsamic reduction flatbread


Mussels, Lemongrass Sausage, Tamarind & Thai Basil


Unagi Fried Rice, Poached Egg, XO Sauce, Crispy Quinoa



Rick Sanchez · Rum, Amaro Braulio, Orange, Lemon, Honey, Rosemary & Vanilla Pepper

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