PSA: You don’t need to be in college to take a spring break!

Okay so just because I’m no longer in college, dosen’t necessarily mean i have to give up spring break right? I mean it is spring time, and i sure could use a break…so i’d like to take it upon myself and excuse all of us who are out of college, to take the time and “treat yo self”. Whether it be a staycation, or you head somewhere tropical! (Plus it gives us an excuse to bust out our new spring trends that we have been dying to share with the world!)

So you have the trip planned out, now its the hard part, the packing! But don’t worry cause we have you covered with all the  Spring break ESTENTIALS you won’t want to leave the house without! So OBVIOUSLY you will be wanting to wear little to no clothes your entire spring break, so basically living in your bikini! We got you covered! (or uncovered) Your going to want to pack a couple suits, because just like regular clothes there are specific bathing suits for different occasions..(if ya don’t know now ya know)


This bathing suit is the perfect all purpose bathing suit, cute for laying out or heading to a pool party!

Suit is by in Tequila Sunrise – Bralette & Skimpy Bottom $250


This beautiful one piece, while not ideal for tan lines, is PERFECT for a pool party! ( cause i mean lets be real no one is laying around at a pool party) Pair with a cute pair of wedges and a big hat and of course don’t forget your SPF!!!

Bathing Suit by in Carrie $35




This strapless two piece is perfect for laying out! And the mauve color will look stunning on bronzed or darker skin tones!!! * insert heart eyes* The corset top is perfect for lifting the girls up…unless of course your on south beach and choose to ditch the top! ( don’t say we influenced ya)

Bathing suit by Monte Swim, in Mauve $170


Dont forget about the cover up! Having a solid one that can match your suits is key! This makes it way easier to go grab something to eat still in your bikini, instead of having to put your denim shorts on with a wet bathing suit. (gross)

Cover up by Beach Bunny in Hotel California – Romper – Coral $120


Cute floppy hat is definitely a MUST!!! Let’s face it, wind blown hair is only workin when its blown by a fan in a controlled setting, like a photo shoot for instance. Plus we need to keep that pretty face out of the sun, no wrinkles over here!

Hat from Nordstrom $22


Cute pair of flats that are easy to take on and off. ( NO ONE, i repeat No ONE likes to fight the sand in their sandals while trying to find the perfect spot to set their towel down)

Steve Madden in Joule $69.95


And of course as previously mentioned you need a cute wedge to wear at the pool parties, or to dinner on the beach, giving your look a ready for summer vibe!

Steve Madden in Korina $129


Something about sun dresses are so soft and feminine its only right to have a floral print one. Sex things up a bit with this dress with a little side boob! ( you’ll be tan, no worries) pair with the above wedges to complete the look!

Dress from Top Shop in Floral Embroidered beach dress $52

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