Get your FILL at Filament

When it comes to opening an original concept restaurant in Dallas, you really have to come with it! With a new place opening every other weekend your menu must be pristine and your drink menu must be innovative! Well, Filament definitely got the memo, and then some! This rustic concept, tucked away in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas is a hidden gem.  Exposed brick walls with floor to ceiling windows that open up with cooperation of the weather, graffiti on the walls, and an open kitchen keeps the  restaurant buzzing with energy. While the ambiance is more than inviting its the modern twist on southern food that keeps me coming back for more! Gathering inspiration from New Orleans, Charleston, and Miami and gave it a Dallas spin to create a well thought out shareable menu.


21 day- dry aged double cut heritage pork chop, lavishly surrounded by braised greens and charred Tokyo turnips  in a warm onion-bacon vinaigrette. This plate right here is an example as to why i said a shareable menu! Portions are huge, and oh so yummy!

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 2.35.52 PM


This incredible onion dip has smoked onion as its base and crispy fried rings as its crown. It’s even sprinkled with powdered smoked-onion skin!


Filament’s fried hot catfish plate has become the restaurant’s most popular dish, and it was easy to understand why. Stacks of spicy, saucy catfish planks on a piece of white bread and topped with horseradish ranch and pickles? I think YES!!!!


The Old Quarter is Southern charm in a glass. Bourbon, sorghum, and chicory (like the kind you’ll find New Orleans-style coffee), simple yet DELISH!!!!

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Dont let the narrow entrance and brick walls deter you from the brightly lit and spacious interior of Filament!! The floor to ceiling curtains and exposed brick walls create an industrial chic atmosphere!


So now for the most difficult question of the evening ( if your anything like me) WHAT DO I WEAR THERE?



aThis is a range of the most casual i would wear there. Sneakers are definitely good for the during the day, and exploring the Deep Ellum part of town!

Dress: $540                   Skirt: $200

Denim Jacket: $80                             Shirt: $150

Shoe: $35                                          Sneakers: $ 695

Bra: $98                                      Bag: $347

Purse: $1,780

Belt: $990



Spice it up at night by throwing on some heels with a blouse and jeans to dress it down! Perfect more “dressy” way of dressing at Filament.

Shirt: $295                               Bodysuit: $100

Jeans: $595                                                Jeans: $35

Hat: Lids $28                                                                       Shoes: $845

Shoes: $ $1,160                                 Purse: $95

Bag: $945                                        Belt: $415


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