Cinco de Drinko Taco Tour

Not to be confused with Mexican Independence Day, ( which isn’t until September) Cinco de Mayo marks the day the Mexican army defeated the French in 1862. Oddly enough, we are THE ONLY country where Cinco de Mayo is wildly celebrated. Because Cinco de Mayo is more of an American tradition, I have taken the liberty of finding the BEST Tex-Mex spots in town.

With Mexico being our neighbors here in Texas, chances are you have had Tex-Mex (unless you hate nachos in which case you should probably skip to the next blog)! Tex-Mex is an american flare on authentic Mexican food. The differences between Mexican and Tex-Mex food can be summed up in the use of a few key ingredients found in the US that are scarcely used anywhere South of the Rio Grande. These ingredients are: beef, yellow cheese (like cheddar), wheat flour, black beans, canned vegetables (especially tomatoes), and cumin. So basically if any of the above is in your food its generally Tex-Mex. 

So now that you have some true knowledge about the holiday (which make for fun drunk facts at the bar) its time to take the taco tour de la Dallas.


With a funky decor, awesome outside patio and $4 margaritas from 3-6pm, Mattitos is a great place to kick off your Cinco de Mayo! They will be having a live Dj, bull rides, and a live mariachi band to give you all of your Mexican vibes! Fun for the entire family!

Urban Taco

IMG_1861 urban

Urban taco has got to have one of the coolest drink menus in town, offering a variety of of margaritas and chilled tequila on draft. They pay close attention to detail and it does not go unnoticed with the fresh tasting cuisine. They even grind their own spices!  Urban Taco has a variety of ceviche, multiple queso’s and several salsas to choose from (I suggest getting the salsa flight, that way you can try a few).

Velvet Taco

IMG_2805_zpse755eb02 vt-taco-photo-1024x746

No taco tour would be complete without including one of my first stops ever in Dallas, Velvet Taco!!! Unusual but amazing ingredients makes this taco joint the leader in unique tacos!!! Whats better than tacos? Tacos at 3am!!! Thats right, Velvet Taco is open late for all your drunk munchie needs!

P.S. The red curry queso is to die for!!!!




This place is all about the atmosphere! Dont get me wrong, they have great food and drinks, but the atmosphere is what keeps me coming back for more. With Top 40 music throughout, and phone chargers in every booth, this place knows how to keep a guest drinking! They have a very accommodating staff and, in my personal opinion, THE BEST NACHOS IN TOWN!

Blue Goose Cantina



The OG of tacos is here!! Blue Goose Cantina has been around forever, and there is no wondering why. With all hand made tortillas and great happy hour specials, this place is constantly buzzing with excitement. My go to is the taco salad! Blue Cantina holds true to their word when they say “everyday is a fiesta…!”

Fuel City




And last, but certainly not least, on our taco tour is the famous Fuel City. Now don’t be thrown off that this taco stand is outside of a gas station. These tacos are as authentic as they come! Open 24/7, there is guaranteed to be a line no matter what time of the day or night. But my favorite part of the entire experience is the ladies next to the taco stand selling the roasted corn!!! OMG! Zero words can explain this life changing corn in a cup! So if the party gets out of hand and you find yourself still not “tacoed out” at 3am, Fuel City is the way to end your Cino de Mayo festivities!

No need to stress too much on what to wear for Cinco de Mayo…

1. You know I already got you covered!

2. The general population will be drunk by lunch time…need i say more?


This is the perfect range of the most casual outfit i would wear to the most “formal”. Tacos are generally a casual food ( you eat with your hands, how much more casual can it get?) so no need to waste your date night outfit. Opt for something a little more fun and comfortable! Have fun, be safe and #DressResponsibly!!!





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