Wedding Season is amongst us!

It’s that time of the year where your fridge has more save the dates and shower invitations on it then food in it! (side note: have you guys seen this new save the date magnet trend happening? Talk about innovative)!!  Theres the engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, the festivities don’t seem to end! You know what kind of stress that puts on your girl? No, not about managing how I’m gonna be able to do it all, but how the heck am i supposed to dress the part for so many different occasions? If you think its not a big deal…then you have never been to a wedding.

Now we all like a bit of drama, (don’t kid yourself) but a wedding is not the time or place to be extra…especially when it comes to your outfit. With all the time and planning that goes into a wedding it is crucial that you take the time to dress for the occasion ,nothing to each extravagant thats gonna upstage the bride, obviously don’t show up in white, and don’t show up like its a club, (although if your single this is a great time to meet some potentials) the list of the do-not’s goes on and on. So instead of worrying about what you shouldn’t wear, I’m here to help you map out all your wedding ‘fits’ for all of your wedding occasion needs!

Engagement Party

First comes the question…then the follow up party (if all goes as planned) then let the bridal activities commence…!!! So I’m gonna state this only once: from this point on NO WHITE!!! It is no longer your color, i don’t care how golden tan you are, this is reserved for the bride and the bride only!!!! Unless your shot gunning beers at a BBQ (nothing against it) anything bridal requires at least some effort in how you look, including the celebration of the bride saying YES!!! Remember were not here to show off our new bandage dress, or new 6inch heels and mini…be tasteful ladies. Here are some appropriate looks to rise to the occasion

Bridal Shower

In the case of wedding festivities; its safer to be dressy than under dressed! It shows you cared about the event that the bride has so intricately put together and the bride herself is so excited you can guarantee she’s gonna be dressed to the nine in all occasions. Daytime showers is your time to wear that fancy tea time dress all us girls have, but never have an excuse to wear (except church, and holidays). Think ‘flowy’, loose and girly. If your not that ‘girly’ a nice fitted pair of pants and blouse should do it for ya! If the event takes place at night, then you may consider something a little more formal, but remember were celebrating the bride…not your new Top Shop mini and long legs.



Bachelorette Party

Some brides might have a dress code for this. Sometimes, shirts are made and a dress code is put into place, which might make it easier for you. If not..things can get complicated. Generally the festivities take place at night, whether it be a nice dinner out or a wild club hoppin kinda night. Make sure you wear something versatile and of course absolutely no white!!! This gets kinda broad (which for me is the worse because the possibilities are endless) but i have strategically planned a couple outfits that would be appropriate no matter what craziness you ladies seem to find yourself in.

The BIG DAY!!!

Generally the wedding invitation will state the perimeters of how they would like you to dress. But lets be honest…what the heck does cocktail attire, semi-formal, semi- casual, or black tie even mean? No need to panic…get your pen and paper cause I’m about to give you the full run down!!!

Casual: This pretty much means your able to wear what you want…I still say play it safe and wear a summer dress and wedges at the very least.

Cocktail Attire, Semi-Formal or Dressy Casual: Just a bunch of different ways of saying   somewhere in between casual and formal. This is where your little black dress comes in handy!

Formal Attire or Black Tie Optional: These are the most common phrases when it comes to weddings! This basically means the bridal party will be in formal attire and gives you the option as a guest to wear something formal. I suggest a floor length dress, or evening wear pants.

Black Tie: This generally means the men will be in tuxedos, so a gown is mandatory for women!

White Tie: Dress as if you were going to an event at the White House! Thats how formal this kind of sorrier is!!! Think ball gowns and long tailed tuxedos. If only we could all be so lucky to attend an extravagant evening as such! (literally every girls dream)




What do ya think?

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