“Now if y’all wanna party like we do…”

If you read my blogs, you by now see a recurring theme with the city of Dallas. DINNING AND DRINKING! With the city being pretty flat, vast, and land locked it doesn’t leave much room for much else activity.( don’t get me wrong; Dallas is a great place to live with many different areas too it, leaving you with so much to explore.) Well, during the summer, dinning and drinking get taken to a completely different level…..DAY PARTY SEASON!!!!!  Now while I have also lived in Tampa and Miami, both of which had fun day parties, there’s something Dallas has to offer that seems to set them apart. Maybe it’s the variety of different places to go? Or the fact that I’m convinced NO ONE has a job here? Or maybe it’s the southern charm that makes the vibe feel like one big house party? Regardless…I’m pumped for my second season of day parties here in Dallas!!!

Now what makes a day party different from a night party, other than the obvious? THE STYLE OF DRESS, DUHHHH!!!! Daytime casual and daytime party are two COMPLETLEY different things! Now some of you may be thinking…” I don’t care how I dress, it’s the daytime” or “its not like were going to some club”….uh, WRONG! This is not a cookout in your cousins backyard people!!!!! Now to your defense you just didn’t know, but now I’m telling you…the two are completely distinguishable. But of course no need to worry, cause not only have I mapped out the hottest day parties for you in Dallas, but I have told you exactly how to show up. (leaving you more time to drink…your welcome!)

Sisu Uptown

Sisu hosts one of Dallas hottest day parties on both Saturday and Sunday.  With multiple bars,stage with a DJ booth over looking the pool,and indoor/outdoor setting, its no wondering why Sisu generally has a line wrapped around the side to get in.This trendy aqua lounge doesn’t require a membership, but it definitely requires your hottest daytime fits. Although there is a pool in the middle of everything, this is not the kind of pool party that you get in the pool. (told you this can get confussing) Heres some examples of what I would wear.


Social House

When I think of a nice outside place to eat, Social House definitely comes to mind. A huge front patio filled with white linen umbrellas, large dinning room on the inside, but what really sets this place apart is continuing into the back. An outside bar and a yard filled with patio seating and tons of different games. Everything from massive sized beer pong, multiple corn hole setups, connect four, and even a huge fenced in cage for bubble soccer! (those plastic balls people get into and run into one another) This place will keep you entertained for hours!



Well first and foremost, stir is one of my favorite places to eat in general. They have a great variety of New American fare, amazing decor, and a really good staff. But since were talking parties, Stirr has one of the funniest day parties on Sunday. Good looking people, great happy hour specials, a DJ (that must have access to my playlist) and a breathtaking view of the Dallas Skyline…what more could you ask for?


 The W Hotel Pool

First time in Dallas, Social Revolt will host one of Dallas hottest Sunday pool parties. The W in general is one of my favorite hotels, so I can only imagine how the summer is going to go poolside. Although I’ve never been to this pool party I can definitely anticipate what I’m going to wear there!



Tacos and Tequila

Tacos and Tequila has a great Saturday and Sunday brunch with a full ‘make your own’ taco bar, buffet style breakfast options, and unlimited mimosas. Dont let the chill, contemporary vibes, steer you away…continue to the roof top for the Sunday funday party! Downstairs is just the pregame! Awesome drink specials, Rooftop Dj, and hookahs to keep the party going!



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